General Info

In the city of Sea Gate there are five Expeditionary Houses which launch knowledge- and artifact-seeking excursions into the wilds of Zendikar. Each house has taken its name from the destination of its first expedition. They are the Valakut House, the Pelakka Foundation, and the Akoum, Murasa, and Bala Ged Expeditionary Houses. Their rivalries are legendary and it is not uncommon for parties of differing houses to be outwardly hostile to one another. Each house has outposts of some sort in many settlements across the plane which house and supply excursions.

  • Ability Score Increase: Each increases by 1
  • Age: Humans reach adulthood in their teens and usually live for less than a century.
  • Alignment: Any mana.
  • Languages: Common and one other of your choice (Zendikari).
  • Size: Usually between 5 and 6 feet tall, medium.
  • Speed: Base 30 feet.
  • Vision: Normal


(Based on Plane Shift: Zendikar)


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