General Info

Goblins tend to be between three and four feet tall with long arms and stony skin. Their skin color ranges from red-brown to dark green to grey. They have large, pointed ears, red eyes, and bony protrusions on their elbows or spines. Male goblins have these protrusions on their chins as well and females tend to have larger growths on their foreheads. There are three goblin tribes; the Grotag, the Lavastep, and the Tuktuks.

  • Ability Score Increase: Constitution +1
  • Age: Goblins reach adulthood by 12 and generally don’t live too long due to their adventurous nature and desire to mess with powerful magical devices that they may or may not understand. Goblins hardly ever reach 50.
  • Alignment: Red mana.
  • Languages: Common and Goblin (Zendikari)
  • Size: Goblins are 3-4 feet tall and generally weigh around 40 pounds, small.
  • Speed: Base 25 feet.
  • Vision: Darkvision.

Racial Features

  • Grit: Goblins eat a substance called grit which is why they look the way they do. Before the eldrazi threat, the goblins ate a specific type of rock by pounding it into tiny bits. The rise of the eldrazi poisoned this rock so now they eat crushed up hedrons instead which has given them magical resistances. Resist fire damage and psychic damage. When wearing no armor, AC is equal to 11 + Dex mod.
  • Tribe: All Zendikari goblins belong to one of the three tribes. Choose one.


Grotag Tribe

Grotag goblins are generally smaller and have larger hands and feet than other goblins. They attempt to live by their wit (though how much success they achieve is up for interpretation). Despite having a never-ending supply of bad ideas and a bad ratio of bad ideas to good, the Grotag happen to have a never-ending supply of Grotag. Therefore, by trial and error the Grotag have managed to amass a great deal of survival knowledge and beast knowledge. And they try to put this knowledge to good use by trying to tame deadly creatures. Sometimes they are even successful.

  • Grotag Tamer: Proficiency with Animal Handling skill.

Lavastep Tribe

The Lavastep tribe is the most industrious of the goblins tribes. They have a great deal of knowledge about the geothermal activity in Akoum and can effectively mine veins of crystals and strange metals which occasionally break the surface. From these crystal shards and metals the Lavastep can craft weapons with which to harass the other races of the world. The Lavastep tribe is the most warlike of all the goblins.

  • Lavastep Grit: Advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks made to hide in rocky or subterranean environments.

Tuktuk Tribe

If the Lavastep is the most warlike, then the Tuktuk can arguably be called the most peaceful. Tuktuk are willing to hire themselves out as guides to expeditionary parties venturing into ruins or those who do not know a particular area. Generally though their plan is to help find something valuable, steal it, intentionally trigger a trap, and run as fast as their little goblin feet will carry them.

  • Tuktuk Cunning: Proficiency with thieves’ tools.

(Based on Plane Shift: Zendikar)


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